Lost Nation Series

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroy ourselves.”  ~Abraham Lincoln

Though the Lost Nation Series deals with a nation wide blackout and the affects it would have upon the population, it isn’t your typical “end of the world”, “survival” or “prepper” type of book. It does deal with the issues created by a SHTF situation, but more importantly it deals with what happens AFTER things return to “normal.” The Lost Nation Series takes a look at the cost of getting things back to “normal.” This series will make you question, what would you do to get your freedom back, how far would you go?


Detriment: Lost Nation Series

Detriment is book one in the Lost Nation Series. It is a series which will make you question what you are willing to give up to get everything you had back.

After an attack upon the United States power grid, America is thrown into the dark.  A punishing and deadly event which would last for over six months and cost the lives of millions.  By the time the power grid is restored and the lights turned back on, the citizens of America find themselves in an unfamiliar situation.  America is no longer the land of the free, but is an occupied third world country, being ruled by a foreign nation.  

In book one, Detriment, we are introduced to two families who work together just to survive this new world they have found themselves in. Though, despite how hard they try, they are quickly thrown into the middle of something larger then any of them, as they are forced on the run. It is out upon the grueling road, that they begin to learn what it will truly cost to regain their freedom.

The Lost Nation Series follows those who are willing to stand and fight, to restore America back to the people.  To make it the land of the free, and a self-governed nation once again.  It will make you question, what are you willing to lose, and more importantly what are you willing to sacrifice to get it all back?


Forbearance: Lost Nation Series

Forbearance is book two in the Lost Nation Series and picks up right where book one, Detriment, had left off. As the families continue to struggle to survive and get through another day, they are faced with an opportunity to turn enemies into friends and make new ones along the way. They quickly realized that, like it or not, they are involved in something much bigger than they ever expected. While the hope of the American dream taters upon the precipice of failure.


Muster: Lost Nation Series

Must is book three in the Lost Nation Series. By now, the two families who started out, have began to see just how big the resistance is. The stakes have never been higher as the forces from across the nation begin to band together in hopes of restoring the freedoms they had lost when the lights went out. Just as the book title indicates, it is time to muster together, to stand and be counted. If you are willing to fight for your freedom, then now is the time to join.

I have always had ideas of what the different characters in the Lost Nation Series would look like, luck for me I was able to find some awesome people who were able to pull off the look. Click on the “Meet the Cast” button below to learn more about each character. If you have read any of the Lost Nation Series and think you would be perfect for one of the characters, be sure to contact us and let us know. You could be added to the Character Page!