Small Business, Big Dreams


 Small Business, Big Dreams

        What many people don’t realize, is that I am not just an author, I am a small business owner.  As such, I juggle daily, the multiple tasks and rolls that any business has to deal with,  only I do it all on my own.  Check out my previous blog, “Weight of the World” posted on September 17, to read more about the joys and stress I encounter while running a small business. But today I have been thinking about it, from a different perspective.  As I think about those, in the small business world, who are just starting out, who have found success and who have had to close up on their dreams, at least for now. But what is a small business?

        According to, there is a staggering amount of possibilities, when it comes to determining if a company falls within the government guidelines as a small business.  For this post, I looked at the requirements of a book publishing company.  According to the government, any company with 1,250 employees or less, would qualify as a small business.  Considering I only have one official employee, I think I qualify.  As of 2010, there were 29.7 Million small business registered.  Out of all of those millions of business, some will succeed, some will fail and some will just survive.  Their owners will put in 15+ hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of their lives, just to barely get by.  So one has to ask, why?  Why work so hard for so little?  

        While I can’t tell you why the millions of other business owners do what they do, and why, I can tell you why I do it.  For me, it is the most rewarding adventure, outside of being a father, that I have ever experienced.  It is also one of the most frightening and devastating experience as well.  But for me, every day is a new adventure,  a new chance to be discovered and to find success.  When I am at a book signing, and I meet people and get to talk about my books, I can’t describe how great it feels.  I could be out there, standing for hours on end, my back hurting, my feet hurting, but none of that will matter because I get to do what I love. There’s an old saying, that if it was easy, everyone would do it.  For that very reason, I am grateful that it is difficult because I feel that if you are to be your own boss, you should have to earn it.  That being said, there are those who rightfully deserve to be their own boss, and by all aspects earned it, but their adventure still failed, due to other circumstances. For me, if I am to fail, as long as I can look back and say that I gave it my all, well then I can’t ask for anything more. 

        The fear of failing is one of my biggest motivations that keep me going. Those times, that I just really want to relax, sit back and say forget it, it is then that I ask myself if, after all, I’ve been through, am I really just going to quit?  I’ve come too far, I have too many people counting on me and to many believing in me to just quit.  Now, as I sit here, a few days out from Thanksgiving, I can’t help but be overwhelmed with gratefulness with the situation I find myself in.  I am far from being successful, and am honestly just scraping by financially, but, I am here, doing what I love.  Not many people can say that.  So for that, I thank my God in Heaven, my family here on Earth, and all of you out there that show your support.  Thank you!!