Why Now?


Why now?

          My dad has a saying, not sure if it is of his creation or if he heard it somewhere else and just always used it.  Either way, it was one that has always stuck with me.  He would always ask the question, “When did Noah build the Ark?”  He would then go on to answer himself, “Before it was raining.” When I started my writing career, I thought I had planned for everything, I thought I was ready. Unfortunately, though, life likes to throw in a few unexpected adventures.  In my case, more than a few financial adventures had struck me and my business hard. 

        I was and am in a dire financial situation, and something had to be done sooner rather than later. Therefore, over a month ago, I came up with an idea of doing the Read & Survive Giveaway, to raise much-needed funds. I had chosen a launch date, purchased needed supplies and everything was put in motion to start.  Then the night before the original start date, the Las Vegas shooting took place.  The next morning I was ready to lunch my Read & Survive Giveaway, however, due to the tragedy I postponed it till the end of the week.  We felt that due to the money already spent, and the dire financial need of my company and my family we would still go through with the launch.  However, myself, as well as others who had helped me promote the Read & Survive Giveaway, have received some criticism.  Saying things such as it is insensitive to do such a giveaway or just evil that we would want to give away a gun.  Causing me to question if I should cancel the giveaway.

        Then this morning a text from my sister-in-law gave me hope again.  She, herself, had been the focus of some of the anger of the anti-gun folks out there, so at first, I thought that she too would be questioning my motive for doing this.  Instead, she pointed out the need for such a promotion, to get people talking.  Then my wife pointed out, that what is happening is exactly like the storyline of my Lost Nation Series. With so much false and misleading information out there (just watch CNN try to explain a bump stock), there is a very vocal group pushing for America to relinquish our freedoms.  They never come straight on, they always come from the perspective of safety or security.  They will tell us it is for our own safety that we give up our rights, that we surrender to their desire, for our own good.  In the past few weeks, we have seen our history come under attack, our very Flag and Anthem disrespected, and now yet again our right to protect ourselves. We are on the verge of losing so much of our freedoms.  In my Lost Nation Series, it took a nationwide blackout to kickstart the socialist regime to overthrow this nation, and now as I sit here, I wonder if it will even take something that drastic?  I’m doing the promotion now, because I have to, because I feel it is right. 

        This whole promotion started though because I need to raise funds rapidly.  I do not want to ask for a handout or charity, all I ask is to be able to sell the products I have made.  So if you are reading this, I ask please, help out, pick up one of my books, help keep an independent book company independent.  If you already have, I say thank you!! Please pass this along to others,  and help us out. Plus you will get a chance to win a very cool gun!