Who is Ohana Books Publishing?  What can we do for you?

The best way to explain Ohana Books Publishing, is that we are the publishing house for the Independent Author.  We help you get your book, short stories, pomes, etc. into print as well as digital copies for sale.  We then will market, sale and distribute your finished work though our website as well as other social media outlets.  We handle everything from production, to sales, to distribution.  All you have to do is submit and then sit back and wait for the royalty checks to come in.  

Writing a story can by a lifetime journey in of itself.  You put so much of your time, sole and heart into each word you write.  Don't let it just sit there collecting dust wile you wait for one of the Big Market publishing houses to call you back.  Let us help you get it out now!  Start making money now! Clink on the button right below to start the process.

As a Independent Author, with Ohana Books Publishing, you get to keep 100% of your rights and ownership of your work.  This allows you total control of your work, plus the freedom to leave out on your own when and if you ever like.  Plus you to to keep 80% of the profit, compared to an industry average of 60%.  So contact us today, and let us get your story out there!! 

Ohana Books Publishing LLC.

The name Ohana was chosen because here at Ohana Books Publishing we are all about family.  When you publish your book, art or music with us, you become family.

Our goal at Ohana Books is to help you find your voice!  If you are an author, artist or just have a product that you want to see sold to the public we can help.  

"Blood Makes You Family, Loyalty Makes You Ohana"