The Lost Nation Series will question your desire for freedom, ask you how far you would go to save the America you love.  

          All it takes is one moment, one event for evil to take hold and change a nation.  When Americas Power grid was knocked out, all was lost. No longer the land of the free, but the land of the oppressed, and ruled.  Follow the brave men and women, who fought back, who wagered everything in order to reclaim what mattered most, Freedom.  The Lost Nation Series is a compelling story of survival, and sacrifice.  A story, though fiction, is based in a very real possibility. What would you do, if your own country was turned against you? How would you survive? Are you prepared? Are you willing to fight, to save a Nation lost in itself?

In the Lost Nation Series, the loss of electrical power is symbolic of our freedom being lost.  It reflects todays struggles for so many, who are attacked for speaking their mind and believing in the America they grew up loving.  As shown today, there are many who will be more than happy to just sit by and let the American Dream be torn apart piece by piece till it is no longer the America that was once created.  In the story every day people rise up to fight for their freedom.  Though we do not need to lift up weapons, our struggle to secure a free nation is just as true and just as vital today as it was over 200 years ago.  So when you read the series, ask yourself, what are you willing to do for freedom?

          Book one in the Lost Nation Series is Detriment.  In Detriment you will be introduced to the key families that are in the focus of the revolution to regain the America that was Lost.  By definition the word Detriment means ~ 'the state of being harmed or damaged'.  It is in this state of damage that we are thrusted into wishing the first few paragraphs of book one.  If you love America, if you love your freedom, if you would protect it at all cost, then this book series is for you.

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Book 2 in the Lost Nation Series: Forbearance picks up right where Book 1 Detriment left off.  Don't miss out on this great story of bravery, patriotism and freedom! 

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